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Mirror Chrome Powder

Mirror Chrome Powder

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This mirror chrome powder comes in seven colors, Pink, Purple, Dark Blue, Light Blue, Red, Green, and Champagne Gold. 


1g loose chrome pigment with applicator

Application Instructions:

Dip Liquids: Follow your normal dip process through to the top coat. Allow top coat to dry until it is slightly tacky. Quickly, using the applicator, rub chrome powder over the top coat. Buff the free edges and dust off excess. Apply second layer of top coat and allow to dry until tacky and rub in second layer of chrome. Apply final layer of Top Coat and allow to fully dry.

UV Gel Liquids: Apply base layers as usual. Apply Top Coat and cure for 30 seconds. Using the applicator, rub the chrome powder into the top coat until desired affect is achieved. Buff free edges and dust off excess. Apply final layer of Top Coat and fully cure.

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