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Daisy Dips Nail Co.

Liquid Brush Replacement Packs

Liquid Brush Replacement Packs

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Replacement Brushes for the Daisy Dips Liquids - Fits all 15 mL Liquid Bottles

Packs can be ordered in sets of 5, 10, 15, or 25 brushes.

*Brush Removal Instructions:

Use a paper towel to grip brush end in one hand and the cap in the other and pull apart. If the brush does not want to pop out, pour a tiny amount of acetone into the cap and let sit for a few seconds before trying again.

*Brush Replacement Instructions:

Once the existing brush has been removed from the cap, place the new replacement brush into the liquids bottle, brush end down, and then screw on the cap. The brush will pop into the cap. It is recommended to let new brushes acclimate to the liquids for 12 hours before use.

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