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Gel Top Coat

Gel Top Coat

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Gel Top Coat is HEMA free AND 9 free!

Gel Top Coat is the perfect consistency for smooth and even layers. Use Gel Top Coat with your favorite gel polish or with any dip powder of your choosing! We have been testing this product for about six months and can honestly say this gel, when used with Daisy Dip Powders, does not alter color or yellow, and is scratch resistant and very durable.

Nail prep when using gel liquids is the same as with Dip Liquids.

Gel Bae Coat and Gel Top Coat requie a UV or LED light to cure. UV/LED lamp must be atleast 36 watts to cure properly. At this wattage approximately 1.5 minutes per layer is recommended to cure Gel Top Coat. Curing time may vary depending on your lamp and the thickness of the layers.



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