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Liquid Layers

Flexi Dip Boats

Flexi Dip Boats

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Introducing Flexi Dip Boats – Revolutionize your dipping experience!

Say goodbye to traditional cupcake liners and hello to flexibility and convenience! Our Flexie Dip Boats are not your average dipping solution – they're super easy to clean and designed for maximum efficiency.

🏺 Flexible Pouring Perfection: Pouring powder back into dip jars has never been easier with Flexie Dip Boats. The flexible design ensures a seamless transfer, saving you from spills.

🧼 Easy Peasy Cleaning: A quick wipe with a mani brush, and your Flexie Dip Boat is ready for the next color.

🍯 Perfect Sizes: Available in two convenient sizes – 1/4 oz dip size and 1/2 oz dip size, Flexie Dip Boats cater to all your dipping needs.

Get ready to set sail on a new era of dipping with Flexie Dip Boats – where flexible pouring perfection meets functionality, and cleanup is a breeze!

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