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Eat Glass (CLEAR DIP)

Eat Glass (CLEAR DIP)

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10-free, vegan clear acrylic dip powder. Can be used to build an apex, layer underneath color, or encapsulate dip.

*As with any clear powder, when you encapsulate with it, you will see the best result if you dust the excess off with a stiff brush.

**Please note that Moira contains some shimmer, so you will see some specks on both swatches.

Our jar sizing is different than many other companies. Sample size is sent in 7g/7mL "Mini" sized jars while 0.5 oz and Mini (2.5 tsp) sizes are sent in the 20g/20mL "0.5 oz" jars. Powders will not be filled to the brim. By changing to these jar sizes we eliminated several issue from leaking during shipping to spilling while dipping for a better overall dipping experience.

  • Sample Size = 1 tsp
  • Mini Size = 2.5 tsp
  • 0.5 oz Size = 3.5 tsp
  • 1 oz Size = 7 tsp

All Daisy Dips nail dip powders are made with high quality materials, including 10-free, vegan acrylic base and solvent-resistant glitter. Acrylic nail dip requires dip liquids or gel base/top to apply. 

We do our very best to take pictures true to color, but depending on the screen you're on, colors may appear slightly different. 

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