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Bless My Blooms

Bless My Blooms

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March 2022 Mystery Subscription Bag 

Bless My Blooms is a fun teal green glitter thermal color changer. It is a dark teal/green when cold and changes to a pale teal/green when warm. 

Pairs well with Rose Garden, Garden Green, and Daisy Dreams.

 **Glitter and flakie/foil dips are best applied by laying your nail flat onto it rather than dipping at an angle, and then patting the glitter down. Be sure to *shake* the glitters to the surface.

It is recommended that Glitter Dips be encapsulated with a clear powder such as "Eat Glass" to prevent filing off any of the glitter.

Encapsulating With Clear Dip: (Dip process for shapes, decals, chunky glitter etc)

Apply base coat & dip nail into clear powder x2

Activate x2 and dry 2 minutes

File and buff if needed

Activate x2 and dry 2 minutes

Top coat x2 and let dry

Our jar sizing is different than many other companies. Sample size is sent in 7g/7mL "Mini" sized jars while 0.5 oz and Mini (2.5 tsp) sizes are sent in the 20g/20mL "0.5 oz" jars. Powders will not be filled to the brim. By changing to these jar sizes we eliminated several issue from leaking during shipping to spilling while dipping for a better overall dipping experience.

Sample Size = 1 tsp

Mini Size = 2.5 tsp

0.5 oz Size = 3.5 tsp

All Daisy Dips nail dip powders are made with high quality materials, including 10-free, vegan acrylic base and solvent-resistant glitter. Acrylic nail dip requires dip liquids or gel base/top to apply. 

We do our very best to take pictures true to color, but depending on the screen you're on, colors may appear slightly different. 

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